Why Wife Life U?

This happens to me ALL of the time

Whether I’m in the grocery store and she notices my wedding ring or I’m on Facebook posting about marriage and relationships...some wife has a burning question, concern or issue that she needs some input. And there I am, sometimes it’s a quick response, but other times, it’s a tear-jerking, pain-staking hour-long conversation about issues that she can’t trust anyone else around to her to help. 

And this is even worse!

I’m at the hair salon or listening to the radio and that same wife asks the question to some well-intended yet ill-advised woman and she makes the situation in her marriage even worse than before. Don’t you hate that?

I just couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

Enter Wife Life U, where I help wives to bring sexy back to marriage and struggling wives to overcome their obstacles and challenges to decrease divorce possibilities or making divorce not an option through a monthly membership program at the price of an Olive Garden dinner for 1 person! Yeah, sacrifice the cost of 1 dinner and save your marriage forever. Now, that’s a deal, right?

Here’s what you get for being a member of Wife Life U:

  • New content added monthly
  • Discounts on Live and Virtual Events
  • Access to all content that is sold separately  on Gailcrowder.com
  • A Wife Life Master Class Monthly
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