What Is This Course About?

Even if we went through premarital counseling, our marriage license doesn’t say ‘I will be able to handle every issue we face with grace, compassion and wisdom.’ Right? In this in-depth training on conflict resolution, you will learn how to communicate better regarding family, finances, intimacy and more. Each skill taught can also be applied outside of the relationship like on the job or at church for example. 

When married couples can’t agree, something has to change in order to end the disagreement and find resolution. In this conflict resolution program you will learn proven techniques to understand all sides of what is happening and move the situation to a peaceful outcome for all involved.

Ebook Contents

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome To Conflict Resolution In Marriage
    • About Gail Crowder
    • Conflict Resolution In Marriage Ebook and Workbook
    • Reflections
  • 2
    Conflict Resolution 20 Day Challenge
    • Day 1: What is Conflict Resolution? Who needs it and how does it help?
    • Day 2: The Three Main Sources of Conflict in Daily Family Life
    • Day 3: Pro-Tips for Managing Other People's Anger
    • Day 4: Saying You're Sorry - A Key to Conflict Resolution
    • Day 5: Active Listening is a Tool for Conflict Resolution
    • Day 6: 5 Tips for Delivering Constructive Criticism
    • Day 7: Common Mistakes People Make That Derail Conflict Resolution
    • Day 8: Learning to Let Things Go for a Bigger Purpose
    • Day 9: We Can't Agree; Now What?
    • Day 10: Living with Disappointment and Unresolved Conflict
    • Day 11: 3 Alternatives to Being Mad When You Are in Conflict
    • Day 12: The Importance of Grace During Conflict
    • Day 13: Fighting Fair: Learning Objectivity and Removing Emotion During Conflict
    • Day 14: Using 'I' Statements and Other Helpful Words That Reduce Conflict
    • Day 15: Victim, Villain, Hero - The Conflict Triangle
    • Day 16: The Power of Forgiveness During Conflict
    • Day 17: Don't Fall Victim to Heated Emotions
    • Day 18: Prepare for Conflict Before It Strikes
    • Day 19: Tips for Approaching Delicate Subjects with Others
    • Day 20: Recap and Look Back Over the Challenge