What Is This Webinar About?

Who would have thought that you could get everything from a virtual conference that you get at a live one? Over 150 women joined on Facebook to be taught live on the following topics: Can I Be Sexy And Still Have It All, Understanding Your Husband’s DNA, and Submissive Is Sexy Turn ON Your Swag.  Each 40/45 minute session addressed timely issues and allowed the attendees to ask pressing questions. The question and answer session is also included with this product.

Webinar Contents

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to the One Sexy Wife Online Conference
    • About Gail Crowder
  • 2
    Session 1
    • Can I Be Sexy and Still Have It All!
    • Reflections
  • 3
    Session 2
    • Understanding Your Husband's DNA
    • Reflections
  • 4
    Session 3
    • Submissive Is Sexy! Turn on Your SWAG!
    • Reflections
  • 5
    Questions and Answers Session 1
    • Questions and Answers Session 1
  • 6
    Questions and Answers Session 2
    • Questions and Answers Session 2
  • 7
    Bonus Resources
    • 8 Foods To Boost Your Libido
    • 12 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse Heart
    • Bringing Back Your Lost Sex Drive