What Is This Ebook About?

Relationships are all the craze but how do you really build the best relationships in order to succeed in life and at work? In this presentation Gail Crowder will show you how building relationships will help you increase productivity, reduce stress, reduce conflict, save time and most importantly succeed. Whether you are looking to develop a relationship with individuals in your organization, people on your same team or even intimate relationships Gail Crowder will give you the strategies to succeed.


  1. How to build new relationships by diversifying your networks.

  2. How selectively to spend quality time on key relationships can and will reduce stress.

  3. Why Keeping your focus on the local social and business landscape can increase productivity?

  4. How pruning, renewing, and reshaping your networks frequently can reduce conflict in the workplace and at home.


Learn to force yourself to go beyond people in your immediate circle, and those you know well, to contact and nurture a real relationship with at least one supplier, a customer, or coworker.

Learn why spending time with your most important people in your life and organization can make the most difference. These relationships will generate returns in the immediate future and in the long run.

Learn how being aware of the landscape of your organization can help create loyalties, and networks that characterize your community and build productivity.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to Strategies for Building Healthy Relationships
    • About Gail Crowder
    • Before We Begin...
  • 2
    Week 1: Time Management for The Busy Government Professional
    • Week 1 Time Management
    • Manage Your Time and Boost Your Productivity
    • Weekly Reflections
  • 3
    Week 2: Achieving and Setting Smart Goals
    • Achieving and Setting Smart Goals
    • Weekly Reflections
  • 4
    Week 3: Stress Management
    • Stress Management
    • Weekly Reflections
  • 5
    Week 4: Conflict Resolution
    • Conflict Resolution In Relationships Ebook and Workbook
    • Weekly Reflections