What This Webinar Is About?

Why Did I Say I Do? The Roller Coaster Ride Of Marriage

Prince Charming.

Knight in Shining Armor.

Love at First Sight.

Friends then Lovers.

Reminded you of your sweet father.

Loved him for his potential.

The sex was so amazing that nothing else mattered.

Any of these stories sound familiar? 

I’m sure they do and yet, when you got married, you forgot that you both were...human. Full of imperfections, differing attitudes and opinions. Maybe no one told you that marriage was work. Or you had all of these expectations that everything would work with..magic? 

It’s entirely normal for women to feel a little let down and even disappointed after the joy of the wedding and the honeymoon fades away. Now, you have a stale routine, maybe even bored and you feel like you’re stuck or this is NOT what you signed to do for the rest of your life. And in your journal, your prayer closet or maybe on the phone with a trusted friend, you ask yourself -“Why Did I Get Married?” 

You are probably having a moment. And it’s ok. But is the moment causing you to have thoughts of infidelity, depression or divorce? Is your moment lasting for a lot longer than you thought? Well, you’re who I created this webinar for. You still love him. You may even think he’s cute still when he’s not getting on your nerves. But you’re tired or you need someone to help put you back on track to loving him, loving you and loving your married life. 

This webinar will shed light on secret struggles facing married women. Here are some of the  struggles I will cover in this webinar:

  • Bouncing Back After Calling it Quits

  • Dealing with Unforgiveness and Betrayal 

  • Knowing signs of abuse from your Spouse

  • How Do You Find New Life In A Loveless, Lifeless  Marriage

  • 5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Calling a Lawyer

Course curriculum

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    Welcome To Why Did I Say I Do Webinar
    • About Gail Crowder
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    Why Did I Say I Do? The Roller Coaster Ride of Marriage
    • Why Did I Say I Do Video
    • Webinar Notes